The project consortium identified interesting types for non-formal learning and training in the field of organic farming that will lead to improvement of youth work and their access to the labour market and better self-identification in the society.

The project consortium will develop, test and implement innovative non-formal learning and training of youth in the field of organic farming (Communal Organic Gardens, Organic Camps) through international mobility at different types of organizations and using innovative approach that will help disseminate outcomes of the project within the ACPALA region.

Through the cooperation of various types of entities (NGO working with youth in poverty, University, Research Centre, NGO focused on involvement of youth into social and environmental projects in Latin America) with expertise in different fields (education and training, research/food processing, work with youth in poverty) the consortium will bring to Youth in all partner countries sustainable new style of learning and training and tools for information exchange.

The YFarmers Project will foster cooperation and exchanges between EU and Project Partner countries, which will last after the project closure.

The YFarmers Project will be targeting mostly on youth with fewer opportunities in order to increase their level of competencies and foster their active participation in the society through their common brand of products that will be sold in the project countries through the Fair Trade network under the Fair Trade principles.

Organic production is an overall system of farm management and food production that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, the preservation of natural resources, the application of high animal welfare standards and a production method in line with the preference of certain consumers for products produced using natural substances and processes.

Youth Organic Farmers Club - YFarmer